Your Contribution!

Vindobona Hash House Harriers are a strong and agile Hash kernel. But in order to make EuroHash 2017 a great party, we will appreciate any help. There will be more detailed information coming up as we go.

Below we have two tables, one showing the already active calls for contributions, below you can see what is about to come.

There will be a special reward for all helping hands!


Actual Calls for Contributions
Way of Contribution What to do How to get started


As of September 2016 we are calling for Hares to help us setting the runs.

We will pre check the trails, beer stops, etc. to make sure the logistics will work. The runs will be set on Friday 7th of July 2015.
As of now, we plan to have at least one VH3-Hare with each group of Hares setting the run.

Reward: Special T-Shirt, Invitation to helpers Party on Sundy, 9th of July.

If you want to help us setting runs for Saturday and Sunday, please come back to our Hare Master and register as Hare(s). You can register as an individual or as a group!

haremaster (at)

Song Contest

We have started the famous Vienna Hash Song Contest. Read all about it in the community area and get your circle going!
Win a barrel for your kennel, Win a keg for your pack!

There is an article "Song Contest Introduction" in the public area and more information in the community area (you need to login)

Start producing and send us you contributions!

Registration Proxy

Thank you for your Help!

Calling people who want to act as registration proxies for countries outside Europe.

If you plan to travel to Europe soon or have means to transfer money into Europe with low costs, please stand up!

Read more about RegistrationProxies.

This call is closed, thank you all that helped us with this.

Please contact us (Contact form)



Planned Contributions
Way of Contribution What to do How to get started
 Hash Parties There will be an evening programme during the two parties (Friday and Saturday): Maybe you and your kernel want to contribute? Let us know in time... Let us know in time...

Don't worry, this list will grow..


Time is getting shorter and there's much for you to do
Only ask and you will get what you are needing,
The rest is up to you
Plant your love and let it grow

(from Eric Clapton - Let It Grow)