EuroHash 2017 - Bazaar

Like at all major Hash Events, there are always Hashers that sell all kind of Haberdashery, Hasherdabbery, Hash Wear, Hash Accessories etc. This is the Hash Bazaar.

And of course, EuroHash 2017 will have a Bazaar too. It is in the same room where the registration desk is, you can't miss it. Go and have a look. We are sure. you will find interesting things there.

Here is the list of sales booths ("Who's Selling")

Table Who More Information
1 Vindobona H3 Haberdashery from VH3 including the original 3rd Man T-Shirt, some Ski Week Haberdashery, etc.
2 OnOn Hash Gear
If you want some personalized hash gear with your hash name or kennel name then order from the web shop before 1st. of July then we will bring it and refund the shipping cost
3 Boo-Coo-Toor Hash (Leder)Hosen and accessories
4 DIVAhhh Lots of fun haberdashery
5 Goldilocks Hash Jewellery
(also promotion and information for Bratislava Post-Lube)

Hanyang Hash -
Pan Asia Hash

Promotion Desk for
Pan Asia Hash 2017 (Korea) &
Mother Hash's 80th Birthday

7 Brussels Manneken Piss H3 Haberdashery - New designs from Brussels Manneken Piss H3
Welcome to the Bazaar Higgins!
8 Frankfurt Vineyard H3

WE DRINK WINE TOO -since 2000-

We produce active gear with your design (all around print, zip pockets and reflector stripes) and

The following information is for Sellers:

Selling Hash Accessories and Gear

You can sell anything you want as long as it is related to Hashing. We will not allow for selling other stuff, like insurances, etc.

Place for selling

The Bazaar is the only place for selling stuff at EuroHash 2017. Due to space and security restrictions there is no way, to just grab a table and put it somewhere. Our staff has the order to remove any unauthorized sales booths outside the designated bazaar area.
Also, due to space restrictions in the lobby of the hotel, there is no way to open a sales booth during the special registration for the Red Dress Run in the Hotel on Thursday 6th of July.


The Bazaar will be located in the venue in the same room where the registration desk will be. This room is a big side room to the left of the foyer of the venue. It is right next to the main traffic flow and easy accessible from the main hall. Everybody will come into this room for registration and it also is easy to find during the party nights.

Opening Hours

The Bazaar will be open the same hours as the registration desk and also during the party nights. It will also be open on Sunday after the runs till the event closes.

It will be closed Saturday during the day, when the runs are taking place.


We will advertise your booth on this page including a link to your website or web shop if available. Please come back to us with the wording and the links you wat us to put online.


To have a sales table in the bazaar area you have to register for it. This is easy done by just sending an email to our contact mail address or use the contact form. By registration for the bazaar, you agree to the following rules:

  • Any kind of sales activity is allowed only in the bazaar room and only for registered sellers. Unregistered sales booths will be removed by security
  • Only hash related stuff may be sold
  • the cost contribution we charge for the bazaar is 50 Euro per table (80 x 160 cm) and 2 chairs and about 5m² room on the bazaar area. This covers the opening time of the bazaar for the whole week (when it is open). To be paid in cash to VH3 (registration desk) before you take your table
  • Your paid desk will be kept free the whole week until you show up or not. But as of Saturday 20:00 we do not fight any more...
  • You can order more than one table which might be granted at the end of the registration period if there is room available
  • Registration for the bazaar ends May 30th
  • We have a limit of 8 tables for the bazaar. First come first serve
  • We reserve the right to refuse any registrations without giving reasons
  • You cannot get to the venue by car. The walking distance from the road to the main entrance is about 200 meters. Please make sure you have means of transport with you
  • There is no parking on the grounds of the venue. You will have to park a car somewhere in the neighbourhood
  • There is no storage room or anything like that. Your stuff will be in the registration room (like the Haberdashery from our registration desk next to you). The room will be opened and locked when registration starts/ends and during the parties until closing time
  • We do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen property in any case. You have to guard your own stuff.
  • You can share the table with other hash chapters as you like. All we need is one contact person.
  • You cannot register for a special day or night. The table is given for the full time (but you could share it with others...).

How to register

Just send us an email to the contact... mail-address or use the contact form.


Please note: This information is subject to change any time without further note.