EuroHash 2017 - Accommodation Details

In April 2016 the committee decided on the venue and from that moment on, our QuarterMistress has been able to start discussing group prices with hotels and hostels in the neighbourhood of the venue.
Vienna is a prime tourist city and congress location within Europe. Besides being a capital with all the embassies, hosting city of a lot of international organizations, Vienna is one of the four headquarters of the United Nations, along with New York, Geneva and Nairobi. There is a huge offer on hotels as a consequence, but also a constant and high demand.

Concerning accommodation for your EuroHash 2017 experience, there are several ways you can decide to go:

  • You call friends or family in Vienna and ask for a bed and maybe a warm shower.
  • You can find and book an accommodation for yourself. 
  • You can use one of the accommodations that we have pre-booked and negotiated.

The following chapters will try to give you all information needed to help you making your own decision:

Geographical and Travel Considerations:

Area MapThe venue is located in Vienna's 10th district, which is in the South next to Vienna Hauptbahnhof (Central Station). There is more information available on the Venue page. The hotels and hostels that we pre-booked are also located in the area of Hauptbahnhof. The buses and trains to the runs will also part from this area.

This means we will be moving within a triangle which covers all places of interest within walking distance.

Reumannplatz is the terminus of the U1 (the red underground line). The travel time from Reumannplatz to the other terminus (Leopoldau) is 26 minutes. U1 links Reumannplatz - Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) - City Center (Stephansdom) - Praterstern (another important station) - UNO City and the outskirts in the North of Vienna up to Leopoldau.

It connects to:

U2 (purple line) twice, at Karlsplatz and Praterstern,
U3 (orange line) at Stephansplatz-City,
U4 (green line) at Karlsplatz and Schwedenplatz.
But it  does not connect to U6 (brown line).

Find out more on Vienna Public Transport Authority. There is also a nice Online City Map available, that allows you to activate different layers like Public Transport, City Bike stations, etc.

All Underground lines go all night on Fridays and Saturdays. Trams and Bus will stop operation more or less at Midnight.

(Self-)Booking Considerations:

If you want to book a place yourself, you can use any of the big booking pages like Hotel Reservation Service (HRS) or You can also book a private room or apartment on various platforms. Just make sure you are close to any underground line, if possible U1, to give you shortest possible travel times.

You should also think about breakfast:  EuroHash will provide food for the parties and lunch on the run, but you might want a breakfast in the Morning before you hurry to the event!

You also should keep in mind, that on most booking platforms you cannot book for 2017 so early and prices will change until then. When booking yourself and comparing prices, think about our prices being fixed for 2017!

EuroHash2017 - Pre Booked Places (Our Recommendation) :

We have pre-booked places in a hostel and in a very nice hotel close to Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), which is walking distance to the venue and will be close to where the runs will start.  In the password protected Community - Area you will find more information on these places (once you have registered for EuroHash 2017!). The deal for both our places includes breakfast.

It is a bit complicated with these places since we are not to use their official booking systems, but book directly with a certain person. To make sure, this works, we have set up a booking system in our community area, that allows you to fill in a form, which will be forwarded to the hotel with all information required. The rest of the booking process will be done by the hotel directly with you.

There are special conditions which apply to these bookings, so please read carefully.

Part of the package is that we will get a certain amount of free-night-vouchers depending on numbers. We will raffle those before the event to all the people that have booked through our website in the respective ho(s)tel! These vouchers will be deducted from your balance upon check out from the Hotel.


So. As for now, that is all there is to be said.