EuroHash 2017 - The Venue

AnkerbrotFinally, with numbers getting clearer and the event coming closer, we have decided on the venue for the main parties. The main events will be in the newly renovated "ANKERBROT EXPEDIT HALLE" in Viennas 10th district. The venue can accomodate a maximum of about 800 people, which means that we have a maximum capacity for the event as of now!

Location Name Ankerbrot Expedit Halle
Address Absberggasse 27
A-1100 Vienna
(see on map)
How to get there There are several ways to get to the venue.
Underground: Nearest Station is "Reumannplatz", which is on the red line U1.
From there it is a 1.100 meters walk (8 blocks, about 10-12 minutes) to the venue.
(Walk Reumannplatz-Puchsbaumgasse and right into Absberggasse.
Vienna Underground Lines go all night on weekends (Friday and Saturday night). Interval about 15 minutes.
Tram: Tram Line Number 6 stops at Absberggasse.
This 340 meters down Absberggasse, corner Quellenstrasse.
This tram also brings you to Reumannplatz in case you don't want to walk there.
Please note: Trams only go until midnight (Interval 5 (day) - 15 minutes (night).
Car: No allowance on the ground and no parking, no drinking and driving, no way and no good.
Walk/Bicycle: From anywhere in town, no problem. If you want to rent a city bike keep in mind, the venue is outside the serviced area, which means no way to return the bike.


The venue is in Vienna's 10th disctrict, which is south of the city center. We are quite close (about 2000, 25 minutes walk) to the newly build Vienna Hauptbahnhof (Vienna's Main Railway Station) with all the shopping areas and a lot of hotels.

Horse driven cartsThe building itself is about 100 years old and was part of the ANKER Brot AG (Anker Bread Factory), before the first world war Europe's biggest bakery. The hall was built in 1912 and at that time was famous for being one of the biggest column-free halls in Europe. It was used to load the horse-drawn carts to supply Vienna with fresh bread.

In 2009 it was turned into a venue for events of all kind. The hall is located within a big campus that has been built into the old buildings of the factory, nowadays providing a home for galleries, ateliers, offices, etc. (If you are interested, there is a website in German). 

In 2016 the venue is going to be renovated and improved and will be ready in time to give a home for EuroHash 2017.