The Holy Hashland

The country side around Vienna is highly diversified and provides finest hash locations. EuroHash 2017 will take place in this holy Hash Land. Here are some of the run locations for EuroHash 2017:

The Rax Mountains close to Vienna
Alpine Runs in the Mountains


Alpine Runs:

Just out of Vienna, heading to the South, we will be in the Alps, where we can have nice and demanding runs up and down the country side. In the past we had some wonderful VH3 Weekends in this area and we know it good enough by now to tell you, we will have nice runs of all categories in this area!


The Wienerwald:

The Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) is a forested range, just West of Vienna. An outlier of the Eastern Alps, it rises to 2,930 ft (893 m) at the Schöpfl. The best-known summit, however, is the Kahlenberg (1,585 ft/483 m) overlooking the city of Vienna. The beautiful forests, streams, and hills of the Wienerwald have made it a favourite excursion and resort area for the Viennese.

The woods can be easy accessed by tram and train and we plan to have some nice runs in this area.


Panorama with Vineyards in Vienna
Runs in the Vineyards


Vineyards and soft hills:

Another important fact is that Vienna is surrounded by Vineyards on soft hills. There is a lot of Wine produced in this area, but most of it is drunk by the Viennese and their guests. No need to ship it to the world! Anyway expect great runs in the Vineyards for EuroHash 2017!


The steppe and the steppe lake:

Lake Neusiedl
Runs at the lake

Not far from Vienna, on the border to Hungary, we will run in the area around Lake Neusiedl (or Fertö in Hungarian). It is the largest endorheic lake in Central Europe. Beautiful country side with a lot of Hashing opportunities.
Since this is right at the border to Hungary, we most likely will take the chance and do some Hashing on the Hungarian side as well. Maybe try their beer on a beer stop?


And here is even more...

  • Bratislava (Slovakia) around the corner (joint runs with Bratislava H3)
  • National Parks along the Danube river
  • Castles and Ruins in the woods and along the Danube
  • Flatland in the Marchfeld area
  • Alpine Foothills and Woods around Vienna
  • ...

Welcome to the holy Hash Land!


..and the Lord said, take this land and make it yours
and VH3 did!...