How To Sell And Transfer Your Registration

This article describes the process of transferring a registration to another person. This is an online process and the only possibility to transfer a registration. Please do not send us emails asking us to do this for you.

What you have to know:

  • The transfer process will has been opened January 2017.
  • The transfer works online only. There is no other way to give your registration to someone else.
  • Only fully paid registrations can be transferred to another person.
  • You have to market your registration and sell it. We do not provide any financial clearing.
  • If a registration is not fully paid (see "Amount Due" in your My Profile/Payment Details), the credit will also be transferred to the buyer and collected upon check in at the venue.
  • Registrations can only be sold to Hashers and Harriettes.
  • The whole process takes place in the community area. This means, you have to login and start the process (see below).
  • The buyer also needs to login the community area. The buyer therefore has to sign up for the EuroHash2017 community (he does not have to register for EuroHash see How to buy a registration from someone else).

How it works:

Step 1 - Offer your registration on the market (optional)

This step is optional. It is designed to help you market your registration. If you already have a buyer, you can carry on with step 2 or 3.

First of all, you have to mark your registration "for Sale". This is done in the "Edit my profile" section of the community area.

  1. Login to the community.
  2. Go to "My Profile" and then to "Sell my Registration"
  3. Check the check box "Yes, I want to sell my registration"
  4. Click the "Update" Button at the end.

That's it, your registration is for sale now and listed on the Registrations for Sale List. You might want to check if your name really is on this list.

Please note: At this stage you can always change your mind and uncheck the check box, which will remove your registration from the Registrations for Sale List.

Step 2 - The sales process

Now that your registration is for sale, all you have to do is wait. Interested people can look up the Registrations for Sale List (In the "Useful Information" Menu) and may find your registration. They can contact you directly through this list (see How to connect) and you might receive an email from someone announcing the will to buy your registration.

Of course you can support this by advertising your registration on Facebook, Hash Space or anywhere you want.

Once you are in contact with a buyer, negotiate the price and how to transfer the money. All this is done directly between you and the buyer. EuroHash 2017 is not involved into this process at all. (But to help you with that, we have started to put together a list of What to discuss when transferring your registration)

Make sure your buyer is registered in the EuroHash community (Just check the Member List in the Community) and has a registration number (should be higher than 9000), because you will need this number to transfer the registration.
When your deal is completed and you have received the payment, you can unlock your registration to be transferred to the buyer.

Step 3 - Unlocking your registration for transfer

This step is about filling in a form and practically telling us:

  • that you give us the order to transfer your registration to the buyer
  • that all your financial agreements are cleared
  • that you have taken care for all other issues that might lead to costs and discussions, like your hotel booking
  • that you do not hold us responsible to any losses that you might have out of this transfer.

You will need the buyers registration number which must be in the range of 9.000 - 9.999 (community members without a registration for EuroHash 2017).

This step can only be done by the person transferring a registrations. The buyer cannot do this.

  1. Login to the community.
  2. Go to "My Profile" and then to "Transfer my Registration"
  3. Click on the link to the "Transfer" Form
  4. Fill in the form and send it to us.

Step 4 - Wait for your Confirmation

The system will send you an email telling you that your registration has been unlocked. After this confirmation mail, the process is completed for you.

After you have unlocked your registration, we have all information needed to update the database. This process will take a week or two, since again, we have to check and do some manual work on it. Once this is completed, you and the buyer will get a notification about the successful transfer of your registration by Email.

Your status will change from "Registered for EuroHash" back to "Registered for Community" which allows you to still log in and have access to all resources in the community area. Your registration number will stay the same, but you will not appear any more on the "Who's Cumming" list.

We will notify the buyer and confirm once the transfer has been completed. It will take a couple of days for us to update the database and actually transfer the registration to the buyer.

What the buyer has to do

The registration will be transferred with some basic information. Once you have got your transfer confirmation you should go to the "Edit your profile" in the community area and update all information of the registration, like T-Shirt Size, Food preferences, etc.


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