Song Contest Winner is ...

During the Saturday Night Party the winner of EuroHash 2017 Song Contest was announced. A lot people, registered for EuroHash or not, have participated in the voting, Even though the contributions came in very late and deadline was prolonged till about the last week before the event, the whole contest was a big success. Here are the details:

In total we had 321 votes, which is 36% of the 885 registered that where entitled to vote.
Since this was the very first EuroHash Song Contest and people didn't really know how it worked, we consider this a big success!

The result  of the voting was:

No. Song Plublished Number of votes Points
No. 1 My First Time Ever (Mu-Sick) June 1st 2017 147 156 Points
No. 2 The Tourist Song (The Other Orlando H3) June 1st 2017 57 363 Points
No. 3 The Brussels Manneke Piss Song (Brussels Manneke Piss H3) June 3rd 2017 43 290 Points
No. 4 Beer! (Sembach H3) June 10th 2017 72 738 Points
No. 5 Y Mijas Espana (Mijas H3) July 1st 2017 18 118 Points

So, the winner is

Sembach H3!

followed by

The Other Orlando H3


The Brussels Manneke Piss H3.

In a little ceremony on stage they where presented their prize (Drinking money in cash) and a certificate.


Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating!


OnOn to EuroHash 2019!


King Ralph