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Late Registrations for Red Dress and EuroHash have opened

Obviously the closing of RDR registration came too early for some slow Hashers and Harriettes. We therefore have installed a late registration for Red Dress Run. There is also a late registration for the main event, EuroHash 2017, itself.

We have some left over registrations for EuroHash since we deleted all unpaid registrations and we also have some registrations for Red Dress Run left. So, for both events, a late registration form has been established.

Since EuroHash is run on a no-cash basis, we have transferred the free places to VH3. They will sell them at their Bazaar Table. So, once you have registered online, you first have to go there and pay the registration fee in cash, before your check in.
Please make sure, you arrive in time! The Bazaar will be closed Midday before the Red Dress Run (See the Programme page), before it reopens on Friday.

Both late registrations do not include a T-Shirt. These have been ordered long ago. You might find a couple of these T-Shirts for sale at the VH3 bazaar table, but this is not a promise.

The Late Registration Form is available in the "Late Registrations" Menu in the community area. You have to login to get there.

If you still don't have an account with us, please sign up for the community (there is a "How To" in the support area).


OnOn to EuroHash!