EuroHash 2017 - The Runs

VH3 has been very active the last months preparing a nice selection of 10 high quality runs. Local and travelling hares will make each of them a wonderful experience. Here is what we have prepared:

1. Ballbreaker Run
Area Southern Vienna Woods
Start Enzesfeld
Run Type Extra Long
Capacity 74 excl. Hares.
Committee Note This is the only run that needs a pre-registration. Please update your profile.
On July 1st we had 70 registrations. 4 more places to give. Please update your profile.

The Ballbreakers trail will be a long, long one with some challenging terrain (what else would you expect?!?) located in a spectacular wooded area some 50 km south of Vienna.
Most of the trail will be laid in the forest, whose canopy will protect you from the relentless blazing sun or otherwise provide some welcome cover in the unlikely situation that it is pouring down with rain.
The hares will try their best to give you a chance to run long stretches on soft ground, occasionally climbing the odd slope. If it has been raining before the run, shiggy will be guaranteed through muddy puddles.
One drink stop is planned about halfway along the trail, giving you - on a clear day, - a spectacular view of the highest mountain in the area (Schneeberg) and Austria’s countryside. We might be crossing a natural spring with drinking water, hidden in the forest, for some additional refreshment in the second half of the run.
This A to B run exceeds 25 km, depending on how many false trails you will follow.
Warning: the ballbreaker run is suitable only for fit hashers (a contradiction in terms?) in good health.

2. Bras and Pants Trail
Area Western Vienna Woods
Start Gablitz
Run Type Short (Slightly Hilly at Start)
Capacity 71 excl. Hares.

The main features of Bras and Pants is that hashers wear Bras and Pants, on top of other clothing, and that the trail includes a Brewery tour with beers at the Brewery, for which there is an extra charge.
The hash is in the Vienna Woods, through a forested area ascending to a viewing tower, and then into the town of Gablitz, where there is the local brewery.
Gablitz is a town of 4500 inhabitants, mainly farmers and forest workers, and the origins of the area go back to Roman times.
The Brewery, owned by Markus Führer, started in 2012, and although small has a good variety of beers. There will be several beers on draught directly at the brewery. As mentioned, to cover the cost of the Brewery tour and the beers from the Brewery there will be a small additional charge.
The start point will be at Gasthof Rieger, which is at an elevation of 472 metres. The trail will climb to 542 metres, where there is a viewing tower. Please note that only 10 people may go up the tower at once and you will need a good head for heights. This whole area is heavily wooded, so it is recommended that hashers should stick together and not go off individually.
Then the trail heads downwards, and on the outskirts there will be a stop, then we go slightly uphill again back into the forest and then proceed with views of the town. We will reach the town, at 284 metres after a trail of just over 7 km. (of course, those checking false trails will go further)
At this point half of the group will have the lunch stop (in a green area in the town with benches), while the other half have the brewery tour including some Gablitzer Beers. Then the groups will change over.
After this the bus will go to the circle location out of town, so we are away from the Public. 


For those of you who would like to see some of the best lower alpine scenery that Austria has to offer, come on one of these runs.  Any of you who attended the two Payerbach weekends that Vindobona had in 2005 and 2011 will understand what we mean.

Area Semmering Alpine Area
Start Somewhere in the Semmering Area
Run Type Long (Very Hilly)
Capacity 95 excl. Hares.

This run is the second longest length run of the three Semmering trails but has a fairly long climb at the beginning – therefore a reasonable level of fitness is required.  The climb will be rewarded with the most inspiring view of all – a panorama stretching kilometres into the beginning of the European Alps.  After the summit the rest of the trail is mostly downhill through a very nice variety of countryside with “picture-book” views and ends up in a very friendly rural Austrian village.  The refreshment stop en-route will be next to an “out of nowhere” chalet restaurant situated in a green oasis with commanding views to east and west.

4. SEMMERING - Bahnhof (Train Station)
Area Semmering Alpine Area
Start Semmering
Run Type Long (Slightly Hilly)
Capacity 92 excl. Hares.

This is the longest of the three Semmering runs but has the least “climbing”.  The run is a “must” for railway enthusiasts as it takes place in amongst the world heritage Semmering Bahn railway line which ascends up into the foothills of the Austrian Alps.  There are a series of impressive views from many vantage points along the way, including a ruined castle that seems to defy gravity, and you will be sure to see a number of trains passing along the line during the run.  Near the end the run passes through a village on what used to be one of the most important trade routes between Venice and northern Europe in the 13th century.  For those of you who didn't know, the early Austrians were masters at extortion (extracted a fortune from the British Crown by holding Richard the Lionheart hostage in the 12th century).  And so, in the village concerned, there was a toll station to extract a “pound of flesh” from the early traders.  Dick Turpin was an amateur compared to these guys.

5. SEMMERING - Hotel Alpenhof
Area Semmering Alpine Area
Start Semmering
Run Type Medium (Hilly)
Capacity 92 excl. Hares.

This is the shortest of the three Semmering trails.  It involves a significant climb at the beginning - but not as demanding as the climb of run ref. No. 3.  This run also offers a series of impressive views from many vantage points and passes by a few interesting “architectural features”.  The area used to be the playground of the nobility and their “moneyed acquaintances” in the days of the Austrian Monarchy.  You might want to wear some head wear to protect yourself from flying golf balls at some point along the way.  Also, the location of the “circle” at the end is somewhat special.

6. Hainburg - Hundsheim
Area Hainburg a.d. Donau (Border area to Slovakia and Hungary)
Start Hundsheim
Run Type Long (Hilly)
Capacity 95 excl. Hares.

A joint product between the Haring Brains' Trusts of the Vienna, Prague (GM) and Bratislava (GM) kennels and set in the ancient wine region of Carnuntum, the Hainburg An deR Donau (HARD) Trail is the true Trail highlight of your EuroHash weekend.
Coming in at around 13-14km, the Trail will pack-in copious up-and-down action (in addition (!) to a total of about 600m of elevation gain), BEER and possibly some alcoholic wonders brought from the lands of the visiting Hares. (Who are both fucking awesome, just putting it out there.)
When r*n in an early incarna(L)tion last year, one visiting Hasher described the setting thus: "I've been Hashing for 18 years and that is the most scenic Trail I have ever done!"
You can expect, in no particular order, at least some of the following: free beer (served colder than an ex-wife's vagina), Medieval walled-town beauty, woodland (complete with danger-tick-bastard-paralysis-lottery-tickets), Roman ruins (possibly actually built by the Vienna Hare), Shiggy, borderline trespassing (and subsequent Austrian basement internment), Hash danger!, rock scrambling, water hazards (possibly with large amounts of beaver), in addition to all the Trailporn and views you can eat.
So it's an easy choice, On On and get [to] HARD on the bus!
PS At least 50% of the Hares = awesome.

7. Baden (A) - Pfaffstätten (Runners)
Area Baden
Start Pfaffstätten
Run Type Long
Capacity 94 excl. Hares.
Note Short Cut to the Walkers (Run No. 8) after the Beer Stop is possible

Your bus takes you to the south of Vienna and the run starts at a small village called Pfaffstätten.
The region is well known for its lovely vines, small hills and large forests.
After a short run or walk through the vineyards and uphill -  to get rid of your last night’s hangovers –  we will enter the forest of Anninger hill and you will hopefully check out some extraordinary trails and enjoy the spectacular view.
After the beerstop for the tired ones the OnIn will be rather near and easy to reach.
For the ones who need an extra challenge and a marvellous view from ruin Mödling we have set an additional loop before joining everybody else for lunch and circle at a huge field/meadow.
This run is about 13-16 k and 510m ascent and 345m descent depending if you want to do the extra loop.
Also you have the possibility to join the walkers right after the start and again after the beer stop.

8. Baden (OBB) - Pfaffstätten (Walkers)
Area Baden
Start Pfaffstätten
Run Type Medium (flat, only slight ascents and descents)
Capacity 46 excl. Hares.

Your bus takes you to the south of Vienna and the run starts at a small village called Pfaffstätten.
The region is well known for its lovely vines, small hills and large forests.
After a short run or walk through the vineyards and a little bit uphill -  to get rid of your last night’s hangovers –  we will enter the forest but unlike the runners (Run No. 7) we will stay on a comfortable light jogging trail where your senses will be visually married with the beautiful surroundings that make this area so special.  
After the beerstop for the tired ones the OnIn will be rather near and easy to reach. Run length is about 11 or 12 kilometres.

9. Petronell Ol'Farts - Carnuntum Toga Hash
Area Carnuntum, Province of Noricum, Roman Empire
Start Bad Deutsch Altenburg
Run Type Short Walk (flat), about 8km with a lot of breaks and stops
Capacity 46 excl. Hares.
Note A Toga is not essential, but the Harriettes will be wearing them and you are invited to use your bedware from the hotel (your risk and expense of course!)

If you are handsome, like good looking Hashers/Harriettes, old history, countryside views and of course – beer (special offer on this run: 2 beer-stops), then this is your Hash (walk) you will remember many years after EH 2017!
The bus will let us off at Bad Deutsch Altenburg (spa village); up the hill to the church with a view to the Danube; down through the village. After an easy walk, the first part will end with a beer stop at the side of the mill- garden.
The bus will then bring us to Petronell for the second part of the trail: walk through the village, flood plain forest, next to the Roman archeological park, beer stop, amphitheatre, and end up with beer in the circle at the "Heidentor".
Carnuntum, on the south bank of the Danube, 50 km away from Vienna has been shaped by the Ancient Romans and by winegrowing. One of the two antique amphitheaters was a film location in the movie „The Gladiator“, starring Russell Crowe.
If you join us on this special Hash you can discover all this. Maybe some more secrets are waiting for you?

Be quick to get on our bus – first come first served!

10. Lobau - The Water Walk aka the "Lumpensammler"
Area Lobau, North East City Limits
Start Vienna
Run Type Short (flat)
Capacity 99 excl. Hares.

This run is for latecomers and those who want to take it easy in an area of nature. This includes both countryside and people – but do not look too hard. Unlike other runs, this will be reachable by public transport.

We will start from the venue once all busses have left.