EuroHash 2017 - Programme

At this stage, the programme is preliminary and still subject to change, but here is what we plan:

To start with, we intend to fill the week before EuroHash 2017 with some interesting events. We know a lot of our friends want to take the opportunity to spend some days in Vienna and explore the city. Also we expect a lot of returnees, that still have friends they want to meet. And the 4th of July is a holiday in the US...


Prelubes to EuroHash 2017 in Vienna
Monday, July 3rd
(E-Day - 4)
Evening Regular Hash Run with VH3. More details to be announced.
Tuesday, July 4th
(E-Day - 3)
Day Depending on numbers, we will organize a sight seeing tour in or around Vienna. Details coming up.
Evening To be announced. Special Programme for early visitors that want to relax after a day of sight seeing.
Wednesday, July 5th
(E-Day - 2)
Day and Evening The famous THIRD MAN event. Plans combine a movie show, Third Man safari in Vienna and maybe a beer or two.
Come and experience the world of the Third Man! Details can be found on the Third Man-page.


The red dress run is a charity event and will be at extra cost.

Thursday, July 6th 2017 - THE RED DRESS RUN
July 6th
(E-Day - 1)
High Noon Registration for Red Dress and EuroHash opens. Receive your Goody Bag, Wrist Bands and some last minute information.
Tea Time Red Dress Run (please note, this event is at an extra fee). Read more on the Red Dress-Site
Evening Pub Crawl/Party in Vienna.


And then of course, we have EuroHash 2017!

EuroHash 2017 Friday, July 7th - Sunday July 9th 2017
Friday, July 7th
Breakfast Touristic Programme. We will provide some touristic venues for those interested. They will be at extra cost and announced later. At this stage we have some rough ideas like:
  • A guided bicycle tour around the city (Bash)
  • A ride with a private and historic tram around the inner city
  • A visit to the big wheel (being part of the VH3 logo!), maybe in private cabins with some cold beers
  • A visit to Laxenburg Castle
  • etc.

(Visiting Hares setting off to set the runs...)

After Lunch Registration opens. Receive your wrist band and Goody Bags (and some last minute information).
Tea Time Eurohash 2017 officially starts with a "Fassanstich" (the traditional ritual of tapping the first barrel of beer). Bars open.
Dinner Time Dinner will be available. Bars keep open.
After Dinner Speeches, Announcements (Bars keep open); Presentations for EuroHash 2019 and Vote.
After Speeches Dancing and Disco till the end (2 a.m.). Bars stay open till then.
Saturday, July 8th
Morning Buses leave: Starting with the Ballbreakers. Then the other runs will leave. 
Until Tea Time All circles will be completed and the busses return home.
After Tea Time Bars open again.
Dinner Dinner will be available. Bars keep open.
After Dinner Evening Programme and Party. Bars keep open till the end.
During the evening we will have a true Viennese Song Contest amongst other highlights. Wait for more information.
Sunday, July 9th
Late Morning Hang over runs and walk in and around the city.
Lunch Time Final circles.
Lunch Time Lunch (Snacks will be provided).
After Lunch Closing Ceremony and ONON to EuroHash 2019!

Please note: This programme is still preliminary and might change until we get closer to the event.